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The groundfish resource along the California, Oregon, and Washington coast includes over 90 different species of fish. Groundfish trawlers work out of ports along the coast to catch multiple species of rockfish, flatfish, whiting/hake, and black cod, as well as sharks, skates, and other species.

Since 2011, this fishery has been managed under a “catch share” program that divides the total quota into shares which are allotted to individual fishermen.  Participating vessels are required to carry an observer who collects biological samples, information on fishing effort, and scientific data regarding catch, bycatch, and discards. NMFS uses the observer data for in-season management and to account for all discards in the fishery.

Need an Observer?


Saltwater has provided observers to this fishery since the introduction of the catch share program. We are known for our knowledgeable and experienced staff who understand what it takes to make things work.



If problems arise for our clients or observers, Saltwater is on hand and ready to solve them. We have experienced staff on call 24/7 in Seattle, San Francisco and Anchorage.


Saltwater goes the extra mile to make things work. In addition to logistics experts and support staff, we have a large cadre of experienced, professional observers ready to go.

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