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Selected EM Projects

Selected EM Projects

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  • > Western Atlantic Tuna - Longline

    In 2014, NMFS finalized new management measures to end overfishing and rebuild bluefin tuna stocks in the western Atlantic.  The measures included the introduction of individual bycatch quotas and electronic monitoring of the pelagic longline fleet targeting tuna and swordfish off the U.S. East Coast, Gulf of Mexico, and Caribbean. NMFS' Highly Migratory Species division selected Saltwater to provide the EM systems and services for this program including training of technicians and vessel operators, custom equipment and software, and field services.  With over 100 EM systems installed in the first six months of 2015, this is the largest EM program implemented in the U.S. — and the largest EM program in the world focused on the highly migratory tuna fishery.

  • > Gulf of Mexico Shrimp - Trawl

    Since 2013, Saltwater has been testing EM as a way to estimate smalltooth sawfish bycatch in the shrimp trawl fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico. Working with NOAA Fisheries and local fishermen, Saltwater has provided EM systems, field services, and data review. The EM data will be compared with onboard observer data to assess whether EM can provide an efficient means of gathering this “rare event” data for scientific, management, and compliance purposes.

  • > Gulf of Alaska Cod – Longline and Pot

    Pacific cod is one of the most valuable fish species in the Gulf of Alaska, and a primary species targeted by vessels using pot and hook-and-line gear. Since 2013, Saltwater has worked with the North Pacific Fishermen’s Association (NPFA) and the North Pacific Fishery Management Council to develop and field test an EM solution for small boats in this fishery. Saltwater has provided stakeholder training, customized EM systems, and data review. Early results have shown EM to be an effective tool for capturing the bycatch data needed for catch estimation.

  • > Gulf of Alaska Halibut and Sablefish - Longline

    In 2012, NMFS selected Saltwater to develop an EM solution for small halibut and sablefish boats fishing in the Gulf of Alaska. This pilot project was the first to field test EM deployment on longline vessels fishing from multiple ports throughout Alaska. We continue to work with fishermen’s groups and the North Pacific Fishery Management Council to move this effort toward full program implementation.

  • > U.S. West Coast Groundfish - Trawl

    Saltwater worked with the Fishermen’s Marketing Association (FMA) from 2010 to 2012 to field test our digital EM system on small trawlers fishing along the West Coast. The project focused on recording high quality digital images of bycatch in a mixed stock trawl fishery.

  • > Alaska Halibut and Sablefish - Longline

    Saltwater started working with the North Pacific Fishermen’s Association (NPFA) in 2011 to develop an EM solution for small longline boats fishing for halibut in Alaska. With the input of local fishermen, Saltwater developed and tested an advanced EM system capable of providing high quality video images adequate for catch estimation.ᅠThe project established local infrastructure, trained technicians, and tested the utility of free, open-license data review software.

  • > U.S. West Coast Groundfish - Trawl and Fixed Gear

    During 2013-14 Saltwater worked with the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission (PSMFC) to develop and test an alternative EM solution for trawl and fixed gear vessels fishing in various West Coast fisheries.

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