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Tuna and swordfish are two of the most iconic fish in the world. Sleek and built for speed, these beautiful predators streak through tropical waters across the globe. In the Pacific Islands region around Hawaii and American Samoa, commercial longliners targeting tuna and swordfish are required to carry onboard observers. Saltwater has been the primary provider of observers for this program since its beginning in 2000. These professional biologists monitor fishing activity, target catch, and the incidental take of protected sea turtles, sea birds, marine mammals, and other bycatch.

Observers work aboard longline vessels collecting data on fishing effort, interactions with sea turtles (loggerhead, leatherback and green), protected sea birds like Laysan albatross and black-footed albatross, as well as whales and dolphins. NMFS uses observer data to calculate official estimates of protected species interactions and fishing effort.


Our Hawaii field staff are all former observers who understand the fisheries, the challenges of the program, and the imperative for high quality data. Our project manager has over ten years experience in the industry, and our field coordinators have years of experience in their positions.

Local presence.

Saltwater’s base of operations for the Pacific Islands is Honolulu which allows us to be in close communication with NMFS and our observers. We retain a close connection with our observers while they are on shore and on assignment at sea.


If problems arise for our clients or observers, Saltwater is on hand and ready to solve them. We have experienced staff on call 24/7.

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