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Our Team

It’s the people who make Saltwater the company it is.  Some of us work in offices and many of us work at sea.  We all share a commitment to our mission – supplying the high quality data that is vital to the health of our fisheries and oceans.


Observers are at the forefront of Saltwater’s work. We employ over 150 professional biologists annually and it is their efforts and the quality of their data that increases understanding of our fisheries and oceans. We are proud of the work they do, and support them while they’re on land, at sea, and in their careers.

Operations Group

Saltwater’s operations group includes the people who make it all happen. Our field managers, program directors, and administrative staff come with diverse experience in the marine sciences, fishery management, data protocols, logistics, human resources, accounting, and project management. Most importantly, they come with years of hands-on experience – working as observers, living in coastal communities, working collaboratively with both fishermen and management agencies, and knowing what it takes to get things done.

Technology Group

Tablet computers, mobile apps, digital cameras, increased broadband access, radio frequency tags and many other technological innovations have changed fisheries and the way we work. Saltwater’s technology team includes IT specialists, programmers, observers, marine electricians, and people who look at data with a big picture view. They are all focused on finding ways to use technology to do our work better - both on shore and at sea.


Saltwater’s Board sets the strategic direction of the company and actively oversees all operations. The Board includes the company’s two founders, Nancy Munro and Debbie Hicks, one of Saltwater’s first observers, Kathy Robinson, and an independent CPA, Catherine Smith.

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