Our Approach

Selected EM Projects

Our Approach

Clients are at the core of what we do. We listen carefully to their needs – whether it be for a small EM pilot project or a large fleet implementation – and collaborate with them to craft an EM solution.

We work directly with fishermen and fishery managers in a wide variety of fisheries – each with different gear types, fishing practices, and data needs. We’ve learned from them what works and what doesn’t, and with every project we’re still learning, still innovating, and still looking for the most effective solutions. We are continually enhancing our EM system – taking advantage of technological advances and tailoring it to meet the explicit data needs and management objectives of each project or fishery.

Digital Cameras

Our high-resolution, digital IP (internet protocol) video cameras record up to 30 times more detail than traditional analog technology and have proven reliable in extreme environments from Alaska to the Caribbean.

Integrated Data

Video recording is triggered by hydraulic pressure and magnetic drum sensors.  This sensor data is logged and integrated with GPS coordinates. Location, time, and date stamps appear on every frame.

Secure Control Box

Our compact EM system box has low power requirements and records all video and data files. Data is encrypted and saved to hot-swappable hard drives.

Efficient Review

Our open source review software is designed to make data review more efficient—and cost effective.  It integrates the video and sensor data, and is easily adaptable to the specific data needs of a particular fishery.

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