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Responsibilities Include:

•  Manage staff calendar (including tracking of part-time staff hours).
•  Manage all incoming and outgoing mail.
•  Act as first contact point for visitors to the office or callers who need immediate assistance.
•  Manage filing systems (electronic and paper).
•  Manage inventories of supplies and equipment including forward planning for projects.
•  Manage office facilities including maintenance, equipment, supplies, and layout, and including employee apartments.
•  Coordinate project travel.
•  Work on special projects as assigned.

Preferred Qualifications/Skills:

Skills, Experience and Education Requirements:

•  Shall abide by and enforce all statutory, safety, and operational standards for ships and seamen.
•  A positive and calm demeanor to include the ability to accept frustrating and trying situations beyond his control and behave in an amicable fashion with all embarked personnel.
•  A USCG 100 Gross Ton Master’s License and meet training/experience requirements set by
•  NOAA Small Boat Policy for a Small Research Vessel (NAO 217-103).
•  Current certification in CPR/First Aid/AED must exist and be renewed as necessary.
•  Possess any combination of experience and/or training in diesel mechanics, electronics/wiring, plumbing, deck maintenance, carpentry, metalworking, net mending, and hydraulics.
•  he physical fitness and stamina necessary for performing duties entailed. Shall be expected to work in an environment of moderate risk, under various weather conditions, and frequently work long hours.
•  Successfully pass a drug test and background check.
•  Strongly recommended but not required that the contractor possesses a US Merchant Mariner document/credential.
•  Due to the small size, close living quarters, and long days aboard the 72’ Research Vessel, the contractor must have a positive and calm demeanor, possess the ability to accept frustrating and trying situations beyond his control, and behave in an amiable fashion with all personnel embarked aboard the Research Vessel.
•  Physical Effort:
•  Moderate to substantial effort will be required of the contractor while operating controls and handling gear.
•  Coordination is necessary to operate controls while safely maneuvering instruments over the side of the vessel.
•  Adequate strength in the arms, legs, and back as well as good balance, agility, and the ability to anticipate rolling and pitching movements of the vessel is needed to move and work when the boat is pitching violently in storm or heavy seas.
•  The contractor shall conduct work while experiencing periods of motion or sea sickness.
•  Contractor will occasionally be required to lift, carry, and position items weighing up to 60 pounds. The typical length of the working day is approximately 12 hours. Longer days may reach up to 20 hours in length.
•  The contractor may be exposed to all types of weather for varying durations of time. Every effort is made to limit over exposure to hazardous weather conditions. Due to the type of service required by the contractor, exposure to possible injuries may be caused by moving equipment or falls on slippery and moving decks or ladders. The contractor may be required to go aloft, which exposes the applicant to the possibility of falls from as high as 40’ above the waterline of the vessel. Every possible effort shall be made by the contractor and the Government to avoid possible mishaps.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Deckhand Lead/Master R2

Saltwater Inc. is bidding on a contract to provide a myriad of jobs. We are looking for a person to fill a part-time Deckhand Lead/Master position starting in spring 2020. Work will be conducted on a vessel homeported in Woods Hole, MA and approximately 90 days at sea are expected annually.

Responsibilities Include:

•  Assist in deploying and retrieving sampling gear. Sampling gear includes nets, trawls, grabs, dredges, probes, CTDs, or other instruments used to accomplish scientific investigations.
•  Perform maintenance on fishing trawls and other sampling gear, particularly fishing net repair and mending, as required.
•  Assist with meal preparation and routine housekeeping chores including cleaning interior decks and head, and other duties.
•  Assist in the loading and unloading of ship’s stores, supplies, and scientific gear.
•  Assist with docking exercises, line handling and tying various rope knots.
•  Assist and independently operate, maintain, and repair all vessel systems as needed, including Caterpillar 3406 main engine and associated propulsion gear, Isuzu Diesel generators, hydraulic systems, and other vessel equipment.
•  Assist in maintaining electrical and hydraulic systems, as required.
•  Operate deck equipment including articulating crane, net reel, trawl winch, and anchor windlass.
•  Perform stand wheelhouse and anchor watches as requested by the Officer in Charge (OIC).
•  Perform wheelhouse watches to include the use of wheelhouse instruments and resources including charts, chart plotters, GPS, fathometers and RADAR. Required to utilize these instruments to safely navigate the vessel during transits to and from working grounds. Watches are limited to no more than 4 hours and typically average less than one hour.
•  In case of an emergency or urgency, the contractor shall be required to obey the lawful orders of the OIC or the JOIC in such situations as fire, flooding, collision, man overboard, or abandon ship, while underway, anchored, or alongside.
•  Safe deployment and retrieval of sampling gear.
•  Repair of trawl gear and hydraulic equipment as necessary when underway.
•  Safely and efficiently manage deck operations while underway.
•  Effectively communicate and work as a team member while underway.

How to Apply:

To help us understand why you are a good fit for this position, please submit your resume and a cover letter describing your past work and how you are qualified for this job to:

When you apply, you must indicate which job you are applying for otherwise your resume will be discarded. If you do not meet the required skills and experience, please do not apply.

Compensation: DOE.

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