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Responsibilities Include:

•  Manage staff calendar (including tracking of part-time staff hours).
•  Manage all incoming and outgoing mail.
•  Act as first contact point for visitors to the office or callers who need immediate assistance.
•  Manage filing systems (electronic and paper).
•  Manage inventories of supplies and equipment including forward planning for projects.
•  Manage office facilities including maintenance, equipment, supplies, and layout, and including employee apartments.
•  Coordinate project travel.
•  Work on special projects as assigned.

Preferred Qualifications/Skills:

Skills, Experience and Education Requirements:

•  High school degree with 1-2 years’ experience, or an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree
•  Experience in the identification of finfish, elasmobranchs, shellfish and other invertebrate species commonly encountered along the Atlantic coast from Nova Scotia to Cape Hatteras
•  Some experience with microscopes, image analysis systems, lapidary saws, or electronic data entry systems.
•  Medically qualified to go to sea for more than one week at a time.
•  Some experience dissecting fish or working with live fish in aquaria.
•  Some experience with personal computers using word processing software, spreadsheets, and email.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Biologist II R1

Saltwater Inc. is is bidding on a contract to provide Biological work. We are looking for people to fill part-time and full-time, Biologist II positions starting in spring 2020. This position will be based in Narragansett, RI.

Responsibilities Include:

•  Perform all tasks associated with Biological Technician I as well as special tasks regarding ensuring data quality and providing periodic written progress reports.
•  Participate in resource survey cruises once to up to four times per year (5-50 days per year) to assist or lead a team in the collection of oceanographic and biological samples and data. In the laboratory, they shall work independently or as a team processing biological specimens.
•  Work is repetitive and routine to include assisting in the use of equipment, instruments, of software; carrying out standardized procedures and computations of varying complexity, and including basic, descriptive data analysis and regular communications of findings, including written summaries.
•  Participate in task/project-specific workshops, scientific meetings, and outreach events.

How to Apply:

To help us understand why you are a good fit for this position, please submit your resume and a cover letter describing your past work and how you are qualified for this job to:

When you apply, you must indicate which job you are applying for otherwise your resume will be discarded. If you do not meet the required skills and experience, please do not apply.

Compensation: DOE.

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