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Responsibilities Include:

•  Manage staff calendar (including tracking of part-time staff hours).
•  Manage all incoming and outgoing mail.
•  Act as first contact point for visitors to the office or callers who need immediate assistance.
•  Manage filing systems (electronic and paper).
•  Manage inventories of supplies and equipment including forward planning for projects.
•  Manage office facilities including maintenance, equipment, supplies, and layout, and including employee apartments.
•  Coordinate project travel.
•  Work on special projects as assigned.

Preferred Qualifications/Skills:

Skills, Experience and Education Requirements:

•  Bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology, Zoology, Biology or related field with a minimum of 4 years of full-time experience. At least two years of specialized experience caring for marine animals in a display or laboratory aquarium system and in maintaining those systems.
•  Experience with animal training and public presentations. This position requires schedule flexibility and weekends/holidays required.
•  Knowledge, skill and ability to set standards for animal health monitoring, care, feeding, and enrichment.
•  Knowledge, skill and ability to maintain life support systems.
•  Knowledge, skill and ability to monitor water quality, inspect habitats for quality and condition, and remedy or suggest improvements to address deficiencies in these areas.
•  Knowledge, skill and ability to oversees the day-to-day husbandry and life support system operations for all animals
•  Knowledge, skill and ability to ensure quality assurance and control for tasks critical to animal husbandry and life support - special duties in these areas will be assigned when the collection includes marine mammals.
•  Knowledge, skill and ability to provide health monitoring medical care for captive animals under the direction of collection veterinarian.
•  Knowledge, skill and ability to develop an animal acquisition plan and to execute it.
•  Knowledge, skill and ability to work closely with other staff on facility issues critical to maintaining animal health and visitor safety
•  Knowledge, skill and ability to visitor services (interpretive tours, presentations to groups, assisting with content development for NEFSC digital platforms, organizing and executing special events, assisting with interns and volunteers.)
•  Qualification and ability to drive a Government vehicle
•  Ability to work occasional overtime in conjunction with events and opportunities supporting content development.
•  Ability to travel within the region as required to support content development

Equal Employment Opportunity

Aquarist (marine animal husbandry and life support systems) R2

Saltwater Inc. is bidding on a contract to provide a myriad of jobs. We are looking for a person to fill a part-time, Aquarist position starting in spring 2020. Work location may be flexible and/or may be conducted at a NEFSC facility.

Responsibilities Include:

•  Provide services utilizing NEFSC’s established standards and protocols to achieve necessary animal health monitoring, care, and feeding.
•  Provide staff training to achieve those animal health standards
•  Provide food preparation and supply for animals in the collection
•  Conduct routine inspections of animal habitat quality and condition
•  Remedy deficiencies in animal and habitat monitoring and care.
•  Assist in animal enrichment, ensure animals have sufficient stimulation and opportunity to engage in natural behaviors.
•  Provide services utilizing NEFSC’s established standards and protocols to achieve necessary life support system monitoring, operation, maintenance, and condition.
•  Deliver sound day-to-day husbandry and life support system operations
•  Provide quality assurance and quality control to ensure aquarium standards are met and protocols are followed.
•  Provide recordkeeping to document staff activities and animal health/life support system issues.
•  Conduct regular observation, evaluation, and examination of captive specimens for injury, illness, aggression, stress, breeding activity, and food intake.
•  Provide veterinary assistance during the vet’s regular rounds and medical procedures.
•  Administer medications per instruction
•  Use NEFSC’s protocols and staff training to reduce the risk of illness among specimens.
•  Ensure recordkeeping is sufficient to improve care and protocols
•  Administer and execute the animal acquisition and dispensation plan
•  Monitor and report on facility issues critical to maintaining animal health and visitor safety:
•  Participate as needed in providing visitor services (tours, presentations, special events, interns and volunteers)
•  Qualified and able to drive a government vehicle.
•  Work occasional overtime and a flexible schedule
•  Occasional travel within the region

How to Apply:

To help us understand why you are a good fit for this position, please submit your resume and a cover letter describing your past work and how you are qualified for this job to:

When you apply, you must indicate which job you are applying for otherwise your resume will be discarded. If you do not meet the required skills and experience, please do not apply.

Compensation: DOE.

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