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Responsibilities Include:

•  Manage staff calendar (including tracking of part-time staff hours).
•  Manage all incoming and outgoing mail.
•  Act as first contact point for visitors to the office or callers who need immediate assistance.
•  Manage filing systems (electronic and paper).
•  Manage inventories of supplies and equipment including forward planning for projects.
•  Manage office facilities including maintenance, equipment, supplies, and layout, and including employee apartments.
•  Coordinate project travel.
•  Work on special projects as assigned.

Preferred Qualifications/Skills:

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Responsibilities Include:

•  Prepare written proposals and plans for stock assessment methods and model development.
•  Perform data and statistical analyses to develop and evaluate new methods and model development.
•  Develop and test methods for robustness including sensitivity analyses as appropriate.
•  Update and/or work with software developers to ensure stock assessment model tools meet user needs.
•  Prepare software document and summary reports.
•  Prepare and deliver scientific presentations to internal audiences and at national and international research fora.
•  Prepare drafts of scientific papers for submission to peer review journals.
•  Prepare monthly status reports on work performed and projected work.

Skills, Education and Experience Required:

Stock Assessment Methods and Model Development R3

Saltwater Inc. is looking for a person to fill a full-time, Fisheries Stock Assessment position, starting in spring 2020. This position will be based in Woods Hole, MA or Narragansett, RI.


This position requires experience working with stock assessment models and familiarity with basic and complex models that represent a range of fish stock dynamics. You must be able to conduct statistical analyses, prepare summaries, and document the methods used. You must have excellent communication skills to communicate your methods and models used to all stakeholders within the agency. Further job description information is available upon request. You will work for Saltwater as a contractor based at one of the NOAA Laboratories of the Northeast Fisheries Science Center.

Next Steps:

To help us understand why you are a good fit for this position, please submit your resume and a cover letter describing your past work and how you are qualified for this job to:

When you apply you must indicate which job you are applying for otherwise your resume will be discarded. Compensation: DOE and benefits. Saltwater is an equal opportunity employer.

If you do not meet the required skills and experience, please do not apply for this job.

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