The Saltwater marine biologist team brings a wealth of regulatory knowledge, technical expertise, and a professional attitude to every project. Dr. Mithriel MacKay, Director of Research & Education, works to confirm that the mitigation and scientific survey methodologies for each project are both efficient and scientifically sound.

Our team includes experienced, impartial, and well-qualified marine mammal, protected species and endangered species observers who are ready to go. In addition, we continually recruit top marine biologists and ensure each observer meets the specific qualifications of the pertinent federal and local regulating and permitting agencies.

Our goal is to cover every project with marine biologists who meet or exceed industry standards in terms of education, certifications, and experience. In addition, both leads are qualified and fully prepared to work in the field. This enables Saltwater to provide education/training opportunities, quality assurance, and, if required, additional project coverage in unforeseen circumstances.

Our Marine Mammal, Protected Species & Endangered Species Specialists

Scientific Degrees

All Saltwater marine biologists have a minimum of a bachelor's of science degree in marine biology or closely related science. Most have advanced degrees along with comprehensive field experience.

MMO/PSO/ESO Training

Saltwater marine biologists have at least 40 hours of training in a Marine Mammal Observer program or equivalent. Dr. MacKay often works in the field with the team to support observers' continuing education, working in collaboration with the Marine and Coastal Ecology Research Center’s training faculty.

Field Experience

Our marine biologist teams have worked on research projects as well as seismic and construction contracts and are experienced in aerial, ship-based, small vessel, and land-based observations.

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