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The Bering Sea is world renowned for its enormously productive fisheries, and Alaska king and snow crab are two of the crown jewels. Commercial fishermen use large steel pots to harvest red, blue, and golden king crab and snow crab in fisheries that are both intense and spectacular.

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) manages the crab fisheries by quota, and observers play a key role in the sustainability of these remarkable resources. Observers work onboard vessels collecting data on catch, bycatch, and fishing effort, as well as encounters with threatened birds, fish, and corals. ADF&G uses the observer data to set and manage annual harvest quotas, monitor bycatch, and track fishing effort.

Need an Observer?


Saltwater has been a leader in the Alaska Shellfish Observer Program (ASOP) since it began in 1988. With over 25 years experience we understand the fisheries, the program, the logistics, and the imperative of high quality data.


If problems arise for our clients or observers, Saltwater is on hand and ready to solve them. We have experienced staff on call 24/7 in Dutch Harbor, Kodiak, Anchorage, and Seattle.  We are fully equipped to issue gear sets in Dutch Harbor so our observers are ready to go if their baggage doesn’t make the plane or a boat needs them on short notice.


We go the extra mile to make things work…for our observers, our clients, and the program. Our large cadre of experienced observers is unparalleled, and a major reason ADF&G has repeatedly chosen Saltwater as its sole observer provider.

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